Bespoke Furniture - Bespoke Production Facility

As we struggled to find a factory facility to meet our exacting needs and standards, we took our own advice and used our skills to do what we do best - to design and build our own bespoke manufacturing facility.

Our brief to ourselves: an exterior to inspire, and to convey a level of design excellence befitting our reputation; an interior to be practical, to give us segregated preparation, machining, assembly and finishing areas with the most technically advanced equipment in our field, giving flow and connection to ancillary planning, office and client space.

The result: The HG Building - a 22,000 sq ft building displaying a level of architectural design not normally associated with a functional production facility. The HG Building has a presence and a landmark quality which echoes all that is at the essence of Michael Stephenson and the Herrington Gate philosophy.

The final specification: The exterior fuses a palate of modern materials, blending Iroko - a sustainable species of teak - with exposed steel and glass, brought together with aluminium cladding powder-coated in a carefully selected shade of slate grey.

The HG Building

The HG Building - Entrance

The HG Building

The HG Building - Handle Detail

The HG Building - Signage

The HG Building - Corner Entrance

The HG Building - Signage

The HG Building - Stairway Signage

The HG Building - Staircase

The HG Building

The HG Building - Tusks

The HG Building - Plant Room

The HG Building - Canteen

The Presentation Suite is no less than expected, with a scheme of Smoked Ash, grey glass and LED lighting against a wall of slate. Three wall mounted flat screens and two further desk screens allow clients to be navigated around complex designs, enabling cross referencing with an infinite number of library images from many sources and allowing them a vision of their finished project from our boardroom table.

Not only the physical design elements, but also the detailed attention to the ease of functionality of this whole building, for both staff and clients alike, are clear illustrations of the all encompassing Herrington Gate approach to each project, and indeed the very personality of the company, whether we are designing for ourselves, or for our clients.

The HG Building - Board Room

The HG Building - Board Room Detail

The HG Building - Board Room Detail

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