In the Master bedroom suite, the bed frame and side cabinets are made from ebonised Ash with black croc’ skin inlays. The contrasting white painted wardrobe furniture is also trimmed with white croc’ skin and has mirror finish stainless steel details.

Boutique bedroom suite, mixture of black ash and painted furniture

Delicate stainless steel details can be seen on the tapering feet to the bedside cabinetry with similar detailing to the mirrors above, with inlays to the dark timber of croc’ skin.

The bed sits below the intricate ceiling design featuring a lowered raft.

Ceiling feature with black ash stripes

To the underside of the staircase there is a feature wall made up of Ebonised ash and tinted mirrored tiles which runs above the mezzanine and provides display shelving. The feature wall is framed by the Limestone clad staircase with frameless glass handrail leading up to the second bath and dressing room.

black ash bedside cabinet with mirror above

Boutique bedroom, staircase leads up to second ensuite and dressing room

Classically Contemporary black and white bedroom suite

Note the detail of the crocodile skin, black ash and stainless steel of the bedside cabinetry. White crocodile skin and mirror finish stripes make up the wardrobe gable end and flank the low level window seat.

White painted display shelves are echoed in the cabinetry to the en suite beyond.

Black ash bedside cabinet with croc skin inlays and stainless steel feet

Classical bathroom vanity with croc skin inlays

Classical painted bathroom vanity with croc skin mirror above

Classical white painted wardrobe & window seat

Classical wardrobe with Croc skin inlays and stainless steel

Display shelving with grey tinted mirror to the double height wardrobe, with further storage to the window seat with louvered shutters to the window above.

A freestanding island sits at the foot of the bed, echoing the materials of the bedside cabinetry.

Classically Contemporary bedroom with centre island

Ceiling feature with ebonised Ash inlays

Black Ash bedroom island with croc skin inlays

Black Ash bedroom island with croc skin inlays

The Mansion House Durham - Detail of bedroom island

Beneath the viewing panel, the drawer is sectioned for male and female accessories.

Illuminated treads light up the base of the staircase.

The Mansion House Durham - Retail inspired staircase

The Mansion House Durham - Contemporary Staircase

The clean lines of the glass handrail and the marble stair treads can be seen from above.

At the top of the marble staircase is the second bath and dressing room following the lines and materials of the bedroom furniture.

The Mansion House Durham - Second story ensuite

The Mansion House Durham - Display stand