Contemporary Living

Herrington Gate worked on this complete house refurbishment but entrances were key features in terms of aesthetics and practicality.

The sleek modern driveway gates are made from solid steel plate with oak cladding bolted on both sides. The horizontal board style of the gates is echoed in the main entrance door - a wide pivot door, clad in oak to the outside and wenge to the inside, with almost full length stainless steel handle. This design follows through to the rest of the internal doors to the house.

Contemporary Living - Hallway

Contemporary Living - Lounge

Contemporary Living - Staircase

A simple but extra wide staircase has modern wicket stump balustrades from wenge to one side. To the other side, the handrail is recessed into the wall, framed with wenge and lit with LEDs.

Contemporary Living - Media Lounge

Contemporary Living - Bookcase

Contemporary Living - Alcove Bookcases

At the top of the stairs, part of the landing divides off into an open plan study and a yoga area. Extra wide sliding doors separate the areas when needed but open up by sliding into the walls. The effect on the left hand wall is achieved via two different finishes to the polished plaster.

Contemporary Living - Large Sliding Doors

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