Luxurious Master Suite

The main bedroom area of this 3 roomed suite comprises a range of Sycamore furniture with Ebony inlays including twin islands which are used to store ‘his and her’ accessories in a combination of doors and drawers with glass top display.

The tall headboard to the Queen sized bed is upholstered with panoramic Chenille panels.

Luxe Suite - Classical Maple

Luxe Suite - Classical Maple

Bathroom & Dressing Room

These two ancillary areas are connected by two sets of double doors glazed with bronze glass and a further open plan window with privacy shutters.

A large free standing Costello bath with floor mounted taps creates an eye-catching focal point.

Luxe Suite - Dressing Island

Luxe Suite - Dressing Room Island

Luxe Suite - Bedroom Island

Luxe Suite - Ensuite Screen

Luxe Suite - Bathroom

The TV makes an entrance from its Sycamore housing with the help of an hydraulic lift. Grills in each gable end cover speakers. Beyond the TV, the shutters are closed to conceal the free-standing bath in the room behind.

A jewellery cabinet with Walnut interior is balanced within the room by a large matching laundry basket. A portable shampoo and towel store can be positioned alongside the free-standing bath or wet room area.

Luxe Suite - Bathroom & Dressing Table

Luxe Suite - Dressing Table Mirror

A large landscape mirror rests upon the dressing table whilst warmth is provided by a concealed radiator in the knee space behind bronze grills.

A double vanity unit with fluted columns features conical porcelain sinks on Imperial Marone Marble. A wall hung lavatory with concealed cistern has cabinetry to provide storage above.

Luxe Suite - Vanity

Luxe Suite - Bathroom Cabinetry

Luxe Suite - Laundry Basket

Luxe Suite - Portable Storage

Luxe Suite - Dressing Table Stool

Luxe Suite - Bedside Reading Shelf